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Wasn't it suppose to be 5Mbps, 10Mbps or even 20Mbps? Alright, you have tried every conceivable option to tweak the equipment of your new HSBB broadband service but somehow you are getting no where to any improvement.

You have called the ISP's support engineers and after each visit by them, the service stays okay for a few days and then it is back turtle speed again. Square one. What else can you do?

Unlike the its predecessor the new fiber optic and Metro-E based UNIFI HSBB Broadband is not straightforward to tweak for performance improvements as it was before with Streamyx ADSL Broadband. In the past, if your modem gets fried up by lightning spike, you can simply replace the same with any after-market ADSL modems that can be easily purchased from most computer outlets. Or if you are not happy with the performance of the stock wireless router, you can have one million and one options to choose from; starting with cheap Chinese made routers to the more expensive CISCO routers that your money could buy.

Somehow with triple-play service, HSBB broadband requires a little more than our usual knowledge of home broadband networking to make effective, network performance upgrades. To begin with, all bandwidth that travels in a UNIFI fiber network are VLAN tagged. What does this imply? VLAN stands for virtual local area network and is a technology used by network engineers for decades to create virtual tunnels within a physical network. Doing this will enable big networks to be easily managed and to prevent problems that causes network congestion.

In the case of UNIFI, VLAN is also used to divide traffic bandwidth between Internet data, VOIP voice service and IPTV streaming services, so that they don't collide with one other. And the proposition of a VLAN tagged service is the reason why stock routing and wireless equipment could not be seamless replaced unless you have some basic knowledge about VLAN technology. depends heavily on HSBB Broadband services in Malaysia as the fundamental networking basis of our business operations. Because we have equally been through nightmares in our experience with stock equipment provided by the ISP, thus we have set out on a mission to find the recipe to replace poor performing stock equipment with better alternatives from products that we sell. And today, from our countless experiments with HSBB Broadband and compatible equipment, we are happy to share with you various combination of commercial routing and wireless equipment for you that you can purchase to replace your stock HSBB equipment and improvise network performance to the limit.

No in-depth networking knowledge required. If you have some previous experience with configuring modem routers for ADSL broadband service, with our pre-configured router replacement packages, you are well on your way to unleash the true power of your HSBB broadband service within minutes, after unboxing and performing some minor settings to embed your login credentials in your new compatible set up purchased from

Whether you are attempting to find ways to extend your office firewall router to use a UNIFI fiber service or if you are simply trying to get better download speed, we might just have what you have been looking for. Contact us today for a FREE technical consultation. Email us at support(a) and get tips on how to obtain the speed you paid for, according to what you originally expected.


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